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Beginning on September 29,each member of the commission shall receive compensation of fifty thousand dollars per year. Any member shall continue in office after the expiration date of the member's term until the member's successor takes office, or until a period of sixty days has elapsed, whichever occurs first. If the potential gain from the cheating is one thousand dollars or more or if the offender previously has been convicted of any gambling offense or of any theft offense, as defined in section

D 1 Except as otherwise provided in division D 3 ohio 6 gambling this section, no charitable organization shall provide to a bingo game operator, and no bingo game operator shall receive or accept, any commission, wage, salary, reward, tip, donation, gratuity, or other form of compensation, directly or indirectly, regardless of the source, for conducting bingo or providing other work or labor at the site of bingo during a bingo session. K The commission shall hold one regular meeting each month and shall convene other meetings at the request of the chairperson or a majority of the members. V "Problem player gambling gambling and addictions fund" means the state problem gambling and addictions fund described in Section 6 C 3 g of Article XV, Ohio Constitution, the money in which shall be used for treatment of problem gambling and substance abuse, and for gamblong research. The application shall be made under oath on forms provided by the commission and shall contain information as prescribed by rule, including, but not limited to, all of the following: E The hambling shall employ and assign gaming agents as necessary to assist the commission in carrying out the duties of this gaambling and Chapter A No person, being the owner or lessee, or having custody, control, or supervision gamblong premises, shall: H "Central system" means a computer ohio 6 gambling that provides the following functions related to casino gaming equipment used gamblinng connection with casino gaming authorized under this chapter:

(6) A participant may use the electronic device to purchase additional game . Items that are "bingo supplies" are not gambling devices if sold or otherwise. CINCINNATI — One year after it started, expanded gambling in Ohio is off to a slower start than expected, leading to potentially smaller payouts. But the Hoosiers are against the spread over the last six meetings, keeping several Indiana Hoosiers Odds, College Football Betting Pick.

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